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Will I Need a Sump Pump for Monsoon Season in Arizona?
Have you ever heard of monsoon floods? We have at Cal’s Plumbing. That saying rings true every year in the summer because here in Arizona, that’s our rainy season. As the rainy season is upon us, our Cal’s Plumbing team has a few quick facts about sump pumps and why you should be sure yours is prepared for the upcoming rainy weather.

Quick sump pump facts:

  1. The life expectancy of an average sump pump is four to six years.
    While it’s great if your pump lives longer than that, it is living on borrowed time. It’s best to consult with a Cal’s Plumbing master plumber if you don’t know if your pump can make it through another rainy season.
  2. A sump pump can either be all electrical or have a battery backup system.
    Typically we recommend utilizing a battery backup system. If your power goes out during a storm and your property begins to flood, your pump will be no help to you until such time as the power comes back on. In extreme cases, this could be days. A battery backup will help you keep standing water out.
  3. Those pumps get hot!
    Just the other day we had a customer replace their sump pump. Their drainage line was backed up and because of that, the motor burned itself out by constantly running. When we got there, we inspected the basin with the motor in it. The motor got so hot it turned all of the water in the container to steam.

A sump pump running consistently can become hotter than 200 degrees! If your pump has been running consistently or has had power going to it, be sure you give it a little time to cool off before you try to handle it.

We recommend you get your sump pump checked annually to avoid any complications in the middle of the night during the rainiest time of the year. Another thing we’d recommend is to call Cal’s Plumbing for the installation of your new sump pump if you need one.

Once again, the average life of a sump pump is four to six years. We have very reasonable rates that include check valve replacement, float adjustment or replacement, battery backup (if you want to add one on), and a whole-home plumbing inspection.