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When faced with a plumbing emergency, finding a reliable company to provide you with service can be stressful enough; looking at the bill is the nail in the coffin. At Cal’s Plumbing our number one goal is to take the stress and worry from these emergencies offering a helping hand whenever we can. This is why we have partnered with GreenSky for all our customers in Tucson and the surrounding areas!

Are you in need of financing?

Home repair emergencies are never on a schedule and saving for them may not always be a possibility. As fellow homeowners we understand that there may not always be a “rainy day fund” for critical emergencies. While facing emergency repair issues can be a trying and stressful situation, our goal is to repair these issues all the while providing you with peace of mind.

How Can It Help?

GreenSky offers a stress-free and efficient solution to emergency repair service. Following an easy application process our customers can rest assured knowing they can receive financial assistance. Once approved, you can use these funds towards Cal’s Plumbing repair, remodel, or emergency service restoring your home to perfect condition.

How Do You Apply For Financing?

Applying for financing through GreenSky is quick and easy for Cal’s Plumbing customers. Click the button below and fill out the application. Once approved the credit can be used in conjunction with Cal’s Plumbing and our wide array of repairs, installations, and maintenance services.

Here at Cal’s Plumbing, we realize that financing options can be a key factor in many homeowners’ decision to upgrade, install or make home repairs. That’s why we are proud to offer financing which is made available to our clientele through GreenSky. Feel free to contact us for more information.

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