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Are you in need of professional assistance with your toilet installation and repair services in Tucson? Cal’s Plumbing has a team of trained and experienced plumbers waiting for your call. Schedule your consultation by calling (520) 622-2257

The toilet in your home or business is designed to give years of trouble-free service, but it will eventually require repair or replacement. At Cal’s Plumbing, we provide the professional service you need for all your toilet repairs. Whether you need a drain unclogged or total toilet replacement, all of our work is fully guaranteed and performed by experienced and knowledgeable plumbers. Trust us for your Tucson toilet installation and repair services.

Tucson Toilet Installation and Repair Services

Tucson, AZ Toilet Services

Cal’s Plumbing Plumbing has been serving the Tucson Area for over 70 years. Because we are a local, family owned company we can offer excellent prices. Our overhead is low and we pass those savings over to our clients.

One of the things we specialize in is the bathroom toilet. So many people and businesses let the toilet waste water year after year with leaking or inefficient models. This is money and a natural resource running down the drain. Water conservation in the desert is important and older toilets can use 3.5 gallons of water per flush! Our master technicians will be able to restore or replace the toilet the same day in most cases saving you time and money.

We have all the parts necessary to fix your toilet. If we have to order them, it only takes a short time. Toilets are often overlooked, but they are one of the most important fixtures in a home. Anyone who wants to upgrade, fix or just change a toilet should consult a Cal’s Plumbing toilet specialist before they start.

 When should you replace your toilet?

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If you are planning a remodel or update on your bathroom, a modern toilet should be at the top of your list for both efficiency and appearance. Other reasons include:

  • A cracked tank or bowl.
  • Too many mechanical issues or frequent repairs.
  • Consistent clogging of the toilet drain.

What are safe and professional solutions to a clogged toilet?

Our professional, experienced plumbers will evaluate your problem and apply the needed remedy to unclog the drain. This may consist of plunging the toilet, snaking the drain line, or even removing the toilet from its base if the clog is further down the drain line. Our personnel will determine if the drain is clogged due to a broken or collapsed drainpipe or if the problem is due to an underground problem outside the house, perhaps from tree roots growing into the pipes.

Our professionals should address a clogged toilet as quickly as possible to avoid potential, serious damage to your home. Waste can quickly back-up into your tub or shower and even your sinks. Overflowing water and waste into your home can cause damage to floors and sub-floors requiring extensive repair. Call Cal’s Plumbing as soon as you notice a problem.

What are five easy tips to avoid clogged toilets?

Many clogs are caused by putting too much toilet paper into the bowl. Be aware of how much toilet paper your toilet can efficiently rid the bowl of per flush. Never place any paper product into the toilet bowl other than toilet paper. Paper towels can quickly stop up the toilet drain line or cause a clog further down the drainpipe. Feminine hygiene products should be disposed of in the trash and never in the toilet.

Keep small objects away from the toilet bowl. If something is dropped into the bowl, never try to flush it down as this can quickly cause a clog. Also, make sure your toilet is supplying an adequate amount of water to evacuate the bowl fully and clear the drain.

Need a new toilet?

Let us help. Picking out a toilet isn’t what it used to be. So many choices what do you do? Call Cal’s Plumbing of course. Being in business for over to 70 years now we know what works. We have selected a few models from some great manufactures like Toto, Gerber, and others that offer great looks and performance for your budget. We have the standard 1.6 gallon flush standard models and water saver models ranging from 1.28 to 1.0 gpf. We also furnish and install dual flush models!

For superior toilet repair and installation services, trust Cal’s Plumbing . For upfront pricing, call (520) 622-2257.