Tank Water Heater Repair

Most times, when you’re having issues with your water heating system, all it needs is a repair to get your hot water flowing again. A new unit isn’t typically necessary. But with that being said, there is an average life span for a water heater of 8-12 years on average before you need to replace your unit. Most of the time, your heater can be repaired. But our team at Cal’s Plumbing is highly trained in how to diagnose and repair water heaters, and if they need to be replaced, we can do that too.

When you need our plumbing pros, our water heater team will promptly come to your Tucson home and diagnose your gas or electric tank heater problem. We will then efficiently make the repair, using only the highest-quality parts and materials so you can rely on when we make a repair, it stays repaired.


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