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  • What Is the Difference Between Tank Water Heaters & Tankless Water Heaters?
  • Is Gas or Electric a Better Fuel Source in My Home?
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  • Water Heater Maintenance
  • Increase Water Heater Efficiency & Save Money
  • Minimize the Risk of Water Heater Breakdown
  • Ensure Hot Water All Year Long
  • Extend the Life of Your Water Heater

Can a Tank Water Heater be Repaired?

Most times, when you're having issues with your water heater, all it needs is a repair to get your hot water flowing again. A new water heater isn't typically necessary. But with that being said, there is an average life span for a water heater of 8-12 years on average before you need to replace your unit. Most of the time, your home water heater can be repaired. But our team at Cal's Plumbing is highly trained in how to diagnose and repair water heaters, and if they need to be replaced, we can do that too.

When you need our plumbing pros, our water heater team will promptly come to your Tucson home and diagnose your gas or electric tank water heater problem. We will then efficiently make the repair, using only the highest-quality parts and materials so you can rely on when we make a repair, it stays repaired.

And if you have a water heater emergency, have peace of mind we are available to help. Just give us a call at 520.622.2257.

What are Common Problems of a Tank Water Heater in Need of Repair?

Even if your water heater system is still providing hot water, there are common warning signs Cal's Plumbing knows what to look for that may yield a fast repair. If you notice any of the following, a problem may be present & it's time to call the professionals at Cal's Plumbing for a broken water heater repair:

1. Water Temperature Too Hot or Cold?

Is your gas or electric water heater producing water that is too hot or too cold? Or no hot water at all? Your homes' hot water heater may be facing a control valve issue, thermostat, element, or a build-up of sediment.

2. Water Leaking from the Top of Your Water Heater Tank?

Leaking water could be a sign that your T&P valve may have failed. Or that the cold inlet or hot outlet pipes have failed. Give Cal's Plumbing a call before it's too late and a much costlier water heater repair service is required or damage to your property occurs.

3. Hot Water Heaters in Southern Arizona are Prone to Start Rusting

If your hot water heater is producing rusty or brown colored water, this could be a serious sign that the interior of your water heater has corrosion, and a leak is near-inevitable. Call a Cal's Plumbing water heater repair expert right away to have your home's gas or electric water heater professionally diagnosed and repaired.

4. Smelly Hot Water Always Coming Out?

That stinky or smelly water coming from your hot water tank is likely due to a high level of bacteria. Smelly water is seen in homes with well water as their primary water source. The most common solution is the replacement of the anode rod, but it is not limited to just that. Several issues could be present, so it is best to call the water heater repair experts at Cal's Plumbing.

If you’ve experienced any or all of these signs, chances are likely you’re going to need a new water heater, or at the very least, a replacement part. When you do require a new water heater, be sure to talk to our knowledgeable Cal’s Plumbing team about financing if that’s a consideration for you.

Our plumbing team is highly skilled with all water heater makes and models, so you can be sure that we can handle your problem. It doesn’t matter if you have a gas, tankless, or electric water heater—we have the knowledge to fix everything right.

What Should I do if My Tank Hot Water Heater Is Leaking?

Your water heater is likely leaking if:

  • There's a pool of water underneath the water heater.
  • There's water leaking from the tank.
  • Water is dripping down from the top of the water heater tank.
  • The burner assembly located at the bottom of the water heater is full of water.

If you've noticed any of these problems, you should first and foremost shut off the water supply to the water heater. Here's how to do this:

If you look at the top of the water heater, you'll see two water pipes that run into the water heater—a cold pipe and a hot pipe. When you're facing the system, the cold pipe is on the right-hand side. Follow the pipe up from the water heater until you find a valve. If the valve has a round handle, turn it clockwise until it stops moving. If the valve has a lever handle, turn it ¼ up or down. (The direction may vary, depending on how the valve is installed.) Next, you should shut down the gas to the water heater or electric at your panel. If you are not experienced with this, please do not attempt. You could cause yourself serious injury or death.

Tank Water Heater Installation

Eventually, even the highest-quality water heaters fail. The equipment is under constant pressure, and over time your water heater starts to lose its original efficiency for several reasons. This can result in higher utility bills, inconsistent water temperature, or even being cut off from hot water altogether.

Cal’s Plumbing has helped Tucson and its surrounding area homeowners since 1948 with their water heater installation and replacement needs. Our plumbing team will get your new water heating system up and running right away so you can get back to your life.

New Water Heater Benefits

A problem with your water heater can ruin your entire day and cost you significant amounts of money in wasted energy and wasted water. That’s why our Cal’s Plumbing team not only guides you through the process of selecting a new water heater for your home’s specific needs but also professionally installs it.

Once you complete the selection process, we promise to:

  • Bring the new water heater to you
  • Install the new heater Haul the old unit away
  • Get your water heating back to normal

Common Types of Tank Style Water Heaters in Tucson, AZ

  • Atmospheric Vent
  • Power Vent
  • Natural Gas
  • LP Gas
  • Electric Tall
  • Electric Short
  • Electric Low Boy
  • 240V Electric
  • 120V Electric
  • Hybrid Electric

Whether you need a traditional gas or electric tank water heater or are looking for a more modern, energy-efficient tankless model, we have the experience and expertise to help you with your decision. With thousands of satisfied customers and great reviews, we’re confident that you’ll be happy with our water heater service. When you need a new water heater installed or in Tucson, you want to be sure you work with a plumber you can trust. Cal’s Plumbing has been serving the Tucson area since 1948 with quality water heater installations.

What’s the Difference Between a Traditional Tank Water Heater & a Tankless Water Heater in AZ?

A traditional tank-style water heater stores gallons of water, so hot water is always available. A tankless water heater will heat water on demand, which will save you money in energy costs down the road. But a traditional storage-tank water heater is much easier & cheaper to install.

Is Gas or Electric a Better Fuel Source in Arizona Homes?

This decision can depend on your geographic location & what local costs are on natural gas and electricity. However, generally, it’s a bit more expensive for a gas water heater vs. an electric water heater. A traditional gas tank water heater may cost $50 to $100 more than an electric & a gas tankless water heater may cost as much as $500 or more than an electric tankless water heater in Arizona.

What Size Water Heater Does Your Arizona Home Need?

Referring to traditional tank-style water heaters, these can range from 20- to 80-gallon tanks, 40-gal being the most common. Keep in mind, the larger the tank, the more costly it will be for the unit itself plus the heating costs. Let the plumbing experts at Cal’s Plumbing

help you decide which option is best for your home with an installation evaluation & cost estimate today!

No matter your hot water needs, our expert Arizona plumbers will determine the best water heater type & size for you with professional advice on your install before any work is done. You’ll know exactly what solution is best at an affordable cost for your new water heater, that’s our guarantee.

Tank Water Heater Maintenance

Did you know you should be maintaining your water heater on an annual basis?

Cal's Plumbing can perform regularly scheduled maintenance on your water heater, such as replacing the anode rod and flushing the tank. Due to the water quality throughout Tucson, we recommend you flush your tank every six months and replace the anode rod annually.

Why Should You Get a Water Heater Maintenance Tune-Up in Arizona?

You want to ensure your water heater is at 100% with all the hot water you need. That's why it's crucial to have your water heater maintenance with an annual tune-up. A hot water heater maintenance tune-up has three primary benefits:

Increased Water Heater Efficiency & Money Saved

One of the most common issues to occur in your water heater is the buildup of sediment from loose minerals in our Southern Arizona water supply. The more sediment buildup, the less efficient your water heating unit becomes. Banging or knocking is usually an  indication of sediment or mineral deposits on the bottom of your water heater & means it's time to call the experts at Cal's Plumbing to get your annual water heater maintenance.

Minimize the Risk of Water Heater Breakdown

By having your water heater maintained yearly, you decrease the risk of a costly water heater repair or replacement. Our Cal's Plumbing water heater experts will tune-up your water heater but also check for any additional signs of corrosion, water leaking, or anything that may be keeping your water heater from performing at 100%.

Ensure Hot Water All Year Long

There's nothing worse than waking up to cold water running through your plumbing. Ensure it doesn't happen to your Tucson, AZ water heater by getting your annual maintenance tune-up scheduled today with the experts at Cal's Plumbing.

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