Water Pressure Regulators

Installations & Repairs for Home Water Pressure Regulators

Water pressure regulators are sometimes called pressure reducing valves. They are used  to automatically reduce the high incoming water pressure from city mains to provide a lower, more practical, and functional pressure for home use. This water pressure regulation ensures that the home’s plumbing system and appliances operate safely and effectively with less waste.

Pressure Reducing Valve

What Are the Benefits of Water Pressure Regulators?

There are many reasons to have a water pressure regulator installed in your home or business. Water pressure reducing valves are compact and inexpensive. Properly working regulators end up paying for themselves in utility savings.

Advantages of having a water pressure regulator installed:

  • Water conservation
  • Energy conservation
  • Lower wastewater costs
  • Avoid unnecessary plumbing repairs
  • Save money


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How Water Pressure Regulators Work

A water pressure regulator is a brass fitting often found near the main shutoff valve of a house and works to control water flow into your home’s plumbing via a diaphragm. This diaphragm expands and contracts based on the amount of pressure passed through the fixture using a spring-loaded mechanism. In other words, the regulator shrinks when high pressure is applied to restrict the water flow and expands when the water pressure is lowered.

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Water Pressure Too Low

Low water pressure makes showering, cleaning, or washing dishes nearly impossible. A slow, dripping stream of water is the most obvious sign of low water pressure. Common causes of low water pressure include:

Outdated Fixtures - Sometimes, low water pressure is caused by outdated fixtures. Over the years, mineral deposits and grime can build up in fixtures, disrupting the flow of water, causing low pressure.

Outdated Pipes - Most piping materials have a 30-year life expectancy. Minerals can build up inside your pipes, reducing the pipe’s capacity to deliver water to your fixtures.

Faulty Water Pressure Regulator - Problems with your water pressure regulator can cause low and high pressure.

Shut Off Valves - Water flow in your home is controlled by shut off valves. If these are not functioning correctly, you will experience little to no water pressure.

Improper Pipe Sizing - Commonly due to additions or remodeling.

Water Pressure Too High

While higher water pressure may feel nice in the shower, it can damage your plumbing fixtures, cause leaks throughout your household, and cause premature wear and tear on your entire plumbing system.

  • Poorly functioning plumbing fixtures
  • Loud hammering noises in your pipes
  • Leaky or dripping faucets
  • High water bills

High water pressure is usually caused by how close you live to your city’s water supply and the pressure that the water supplier has set. A professional Cal’s plumber can help you reduce the effects of high water pressure by installing a water pressure regulator.

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