Quality Tucson Water Purification Systems Installed by Cal’s Plumbing

Removing pollutants in the water that comes through your pipes is a vital part of your everyday health. Most people don’t tend to think about the bacteria that may be in their water supply or the minerals that could be floating around in the pipes, both of which could cause serious consequences to your health and the health of your plumbing. However, if you want to do something about them, then a solution may be easily obtainable! There is a wide variety of great products on the market today, many of which are extremely effective and affordable on nearly any budget.

At Cal’s Plumbing, we offer installation and maintenance services for these products, including a product you may have purchased off Amazon, from a home improvement store, or from any other source. When you trust the installation work to us, we’ll make sure your new equipment is working exactly as it should, that your plumbing equipment is making the most of it, and that you’re truly enjoying the cleaner and safer water you’ve always wanted. Our team services almost any make and model of water filter system, and we make getting the labor needed for a proper installation as simple and available as possible.

Recently purchased a new water purifier or water treatment system? Looking for someone to complete the installation properly? Don’t make the mistake of trying yourself; call Cal’s Plumbing at (520) 729-4558 (CALS) today and schedule your appointment.