Water Softener Installation

Do you have a problem with bad-tasting water or scale on your plumbing appliances? You may be experiencing the adverse effects of hard water here in Tucson. At Cal’s Plumbing, we want you to have the healthiest and cleanest water for all your home. We are quality water specialists and will be sure you have the appropriate filtration and softeners to best suit your needs.

Water Softener and Filtration System Installation

The vast majority of people use water every single day. Whether you use it for drinking, cooking, or washing, having a fresh, clean water source is vital. For many Arizona homeowners, this is a problem due to harmful minerals found in their water. Cal’s Plumbing specializes in installing water softeners to ensure your water is safe to use all the time.

What Does Hard Water Do to Your Tucson Home?

When the water has high levels of minerals like calcium and magnesium, it is considered hard. Hard water can have several damaging effects on your home.

Scale refers to the dissolved minerals from your water and can leave residue on your water heater, fixtures, pipes, or other appliances. This is dangerous because clogs can form, causing permanent damage. In many cases, pipes and appliances exposed to excess scale will need to be replaced.

Hard water also makes it more difficult for soap to lather. This creates an issue when you are bathing, showering, or doing the dishes or laundry. In addition to difficulty lathering, hard water also makes a slimy scum when in contact with soap that’s hard to clean.

A water softener will help prevent these issues from occurring and help keep your plumbing appliances working efficiently for a long time.

Signs You Need a Water Softener

If you notice any of the following signs in your home, you may be seeing the negative impact of hard water. Some of the most visible signs include:

  • Bad tasting and smelling water
  • Scale in your pipes or on fixtures and appliances
  • Difficulty lathering soap
  • Yellow stains on your clothing after they come out of the wash

A water softener uses a brine solution created by a tank filled with salts to neutralize the harmful minerals and stop these issues from occurring.

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