Tucson Gas Line Services

    Cal’s Plumbing is the company you want to call for gas line installation, repair, and replacement in Tucson and surrounding areas. We are on the Southwest Gas preferred contractor list and provide quality long-lasting solutions.

    Founded in 1948, our company is dedicated to providing the best gas repair and installation service at the lowest possible cost to you.

    Gas leaks often occur quietly, behind the scenes, and without much warning. Be sure your gas lines are installed according to code. If you need to repair or replace your gas lines, or you would like to have your property inspected for a gas leak, contact our expert Cal’s Plumbing team for service.

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    Installing Your New Gas Line in Tucson

    Have you had your eye on a new gas range, dryer, or barbecue? The convenience and energy efficiency of a new gas appliance is unbeatable. Most chefs agree that cooking on a gas range offers the best control and flexibility of temperature.

    Additionally, switching to a natural gas barbecue means you’ll never run out of propane or need to get your tank refilled in the middle of a backyard cookout. Hiring a professional licensed plumber ensures your new gas line is properly sized and up to current code standards.

    How Do Gas Leaks Cause Damage?

    The reason gas leaks are so dangerous is that they can cause damage in two very different ways.

    Over time, the buildup of leaked gas can cause a large explosion in the presence of even the smallest bit of flame or spark. Another form of damage is carbon monoxide poisoning. Because natural gas is odorless and invisible, it can build up in high amounts without notice.

    Signs you’ve been affected by a gas leak include:

    • Dizziness
    • Headaches
    • Feelings of Sluggishness

    What Do You Do During a Gas Leak?

    If you suspect you have a gas leak, leave your property immediately. You should not try to call for help in your Arizona home or business, as this could set off an explosion.

    When you are in a safe location, call your gas supply company to report the leak, and contact your Cal’s Plumbing emergency service plumber to schedule a leak detection. We will be happy to come out and fix the leak as soon as we can get to your Tucson home or business.

    Gas leaks can be very dangerous and even deadly. Attempting self-repair is unwise as it would put your safety at risk. You should always contact a skilled and licensed professional who is best equipped to make repairs.

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    What Causes Gas Leaks?

    Gas leaks often occur as a result of corrosion in the metal tubing in your gas line. Over time, pin-sized holes can begin to dot your tubing. Gas lines last about 25 years, but failures have been reported as early as two years.

    With this information at hand, you should be able to find out the condition of your piping. If you have moved into or currently live in an older Arizona home, dating back to the 1940s through the 1970s, it’s worth having a trained professional investigate your piping.

    We have the expertise to work with all gas line materials and make repairs that will last. Our gas line experts at Cal’s Plumbing will give you a long-lasting repair or replacement that is up to current code standards.

    Our gas line professionals are highly experienced and skilled at installing new gas lines for a new appliance, relocating an existing gas appliance, or replacing your entire Tucson home’s gas system.

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