Tankless Water Heater Repairs in Tucson, AZ

Tankless water systems may require less maintenance than their old-school counterparts, but they still require some maintenance and may need occasional repairs.

If you’re experiencing any of the following problems, contact one of our plumbers today:

  • Your water runs hot, then cold – then hot again.
  • You’re unable to get any hot water.
  • Sometimes, the system shuts off while I’m using it.
  • You hear unusual noises when you run your hot water.
  • An error code is showing on your display.

These problems could be the result of mineral buildup from hard water, a clogged vent or air intake, a motherboard issue, a problem with your gas or electrical supply, dirty heating elements, or a faulty ignitor. Even if unreliable hot water seems like a small inconvenience, reach out to one of our plumbers as soon as possible. A small problem may indicate a larger issue with your tankless hot water unit.