Water Treatment Systems

The Benefits of Filtered Water for Your Whole House

Do you know what’s really in the water that’s flowing through the pipes in your home? While we’re blessed to have clean, potable water available to us from public water supplies, this water isn’t exactly as clean as you might think.

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It’s not uncommon for public water to contain minerals like calcium and magnesium, chemicals like trace amounts of chlorine or fluoride, and much more. While this water isn’t bad for you, these additives can add things like strange tastes and textures and even make your water harsh on your clothing, dishes, skin, hair, and much more. That’s where in-home water filtration systems come in.

Don’t put up with bad water in your own home!

You don’t have to live with low-quality water in your home! Our Tucson water treatment team can equip you with a water filtration system that gives you pure and clear water!

No more going to the grocery store or have a delivery service at your home, spending money on expensive water bottles and filtered gallons, only to have to haul them into the house. Instead, you’ll be able to enjoy clean water and even cut back on plastic waste! At Cal’s Plumbing, we install a wide variety of water filtration, softeners, and conditioning systems. We can help you choose the perfect system for your home based on your needs and your budget!

Which Water Filtration System is Right for You?

You can use two different types of water filtration systems in your home: whole-home water filtration systems, and point-of-use water filtration. As the name implies, a whole-home water filtration system filters the water for your entire plumbing system in your home, ensuring you have drinking-quality water from literally any tap or appliance in your home. A point-of-use water filtration system provides clean water in smaller amounts and only at one point, usually your kitchen sink.

Which is right for you? While many people who install a whole-home filtration system love the added benefits, they’re not for everyone. They are the more premium option, and they do take up more space. They need to be installed on your main water line, as they filter all of the water in your home.

A point-of-use water filtration system, such as a reverse osmosis system, is significantly smaller. It attaches to your water system, much like your ice maker or dishwasher would do. These systems use a series of filters and store it in a smaller tank until you need it, and usually distribute it through a small tap attached to the sink or refrigerator.

When you consider that Tucson and Arizona, in general, has some of the most problematic and hard water in the United States, it’s easy to imagine why you could benefit so much from a water filtration system. These systems not only lead to lower energy usage and reduced wear and tear on your water-using appliances but even provide you with great tasting water for drinking and cooking!

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How to Obtain Drinking Water Reports and Statistics

  1. Some cities will issue a Drinking Water Quality Report that comes out once a It will usually be with the bill for your water. This will include information about what your current drinking water contains and other information about the water that everyone drinks.
  2. Another way to get this information is to obtain it from your library, Water Company, or the Environment Agency’s
  3. Additionally, you will be able to call your Water Company if there are contaminants that are found and ask them about It is always a good thing to know where the water was treated. The plant that the water comes from will all depend on the place that you live.
  4. You can also build your own safety water test by getting a home testing The water should be tested right when it comes out of the faucet. Also, when it has been flowing for some time. The water samples can be submitted to labs for analysis. This is because it can be difficult for the results to be decided by you.
  5. Of course, if your water quality is not satisfactory, then look for a water purification system to install or a simple water filter.


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