Plumbing Installation and Repair

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At Cal’s Plumbing, we make plumbing installation easy. From start to finish, we are here to help. We answer your questions, give you a price, stand by that price, and stand by our work! These are only some of the installation services we provide here in the Tucson area:

  • Sewer installations
  • Water main installations
  • New fixture installations
  • Remodeling plumbing installations
  • Repiping and new pipe installations
  • Handicap plumbing installations
  • Gas line installations

Sewer Installations

When sewer repair isn’t an option, sewer installation is the next step. We offer complete solutions for your Arizona sewer needs, and this includes the entire sewer installation.

As always, we promise fast and dependable service, minimal disruption of your residence or commercial business, and flat rate, honest pricing. When you work with us, there is no need to call anyone else—we can do it all.

Water Main Installations

A water main is a principal pipe in a system of pipes for conveying water, usually referencing underground installation. When a water main breaks, it’s essential to have it repaired or replaced quickly, since this is the main source of water for your Tucson home or business and can feed into multiple residences.

At Cal’s Plumbing, we know the local Tucson and Arizona state regulations. Our experienced team follows proper installation practices so standards for cleanliness and safety are followed and no harm comes to you, your family, or your employees based on contamination.

New Fixture Installations

When you need new fixtures installed, call our plumbing installation team. Here are some of our more common fixture installations we perform:

High-efficiency toilets

Don’t flush money down the toilet with every trip to the bathroom. Save water with new low-flow toilets that are high on style, performance, and water saving! The average toilet uses 3.5 gallons per flush. What a waste!

Our Cal’s Plumbing team is happy to come to your Tucson home or business and assess your current toilet fixture needs. We will provide you with a full and complete estimate for updating to new water-saving models that use as low as 1.0 gallon per flush!

Sink installation

Our sink installation is a start-to-finish process. We remove your old sink and deliver and install the new one. We provide caulking as necessary, and replace the supply lines, traps, and strainer. Our team tests the lines for proper operation and also cleans up to be sure your new kitchen or bathroom sink is ready to use right away.

Faucet installation

New faucet installation may be necessary because of irreparable cracks in valve bodies or because your faucets are simply too worn to work properly anymore. Changing faucets and fixtures can transform your kitchen or bath into an entire new space.

Garbage disposal installation

Garbage disposal repair is always the first route to take, but if your disposal has gone beyond this point, we also offer garbage disposal installation. Garbage disposal repair and installation from Cal’s Plumbing Inc. means fast, dependable service and delivery of your new garbage disposal in various sizes.

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Remodeling Plumbing Installations

Remodeling plumbing is a project with many facets and faucets! When you remodel your kitchen or bath, you need a plumbing professional—someone who knows the codes and get the job done in the most effective manner. This is why it’s important to call someone who has been in business for a while to be sure your plumbing remodel goes as smoothly and quickly as possible.


At Cal’s Plumbing, we have over 70 years of experience in remodeling kitchens and bathrooms in Tucson and surrounding areas.  We know how to get permits, install all brands of plumbing fixtures, make drain and sewer repairs, and work with all piping.

We will work with your interior designer or directly with you to be sure your plumbing remodel turns out exactly as you wanted. All our work is guaranteed in addition to the manufacturer’s warranty, and we will leave your home as clean as we found it!


Repiping/New Pipe Installations

Some types of plastic plumbing piping can cause ongoing plumbing maintenance problems and actually lower your home’s value at resale. In these cases, repiping is often the best option.

We’re able to handle whole-house repiping and have become experts at doing these projects with as little disturbance to your home as possible. Our plumbers can work with your contractor who will come in when we’re done to repair sheetrock and paint, so you’ll never know we were there.



Handicap Plumbing Installations

When you need specific heights or models for handicap plumbing installations, our team at Cal’s Plumbing knows exactly what to do. We will consult with you along the way to be sure all your specifications are met and you are 100 percent satisfied.


Gas Line Installations

We offer gas line installation for almost any gas appliance. This includes gas line installation for gas stoves, cooktops, barbecues, hot tub and pool heaters, water heaters, fireplaces, console heaters, clothes dryers, boilers, furnaces, and remodeling projects.


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We Can Take Care of Any Plumbing Installation for You

If you are in need of expert residential or commercial plumbing installation services here in Tucson, AZ, Cal’s Plumbing is here to help. Call us at 520.622.2257 or request service online to schedule an appointment today.