When the wet season rolls in, it is essential that you have your sump pump in good condition. This machine helps pump out all excess water in your home’s basement, thus preventing indoor flooding and water damage. Therefore, when it works at its best, you can have a worry-free season, no matter how heavy the downpour is.

One way of achieving this goal is by scheduling annual sump pump inspections with our plumbing team at Cal’s Plumbing. These are the sessions we use to confirm how well your machine works and what improvements or repairs it may need. We usually send an experienced plumber to check the entire unit, fix any damage, and test it for proper functioning. This way, you will not get a complete breakdown when the rain is already pouring.

The Sump Pump Inspection Process

To understand the need for an inspection, you need to know the process. Your sump pump assessment begins with examining the basin for debris, insects, and other unwanted items. These may hinder water flow and can cause damage if lodged in the system. We then disconnect the pump and check for corrosion, mold, accumulated dirt, or wear and tear. We then remove and wipe the grime, clean the inlet screen, and lubricate the bearings.

The next step is ensuring that the inlet and outlet pipes work optimally without obstruction or leaks. Our plumbers then reassemble the unit and connect it to the power source to check its function. We test with both the main power supply and the backup. This helps us guarantee the sump pump will not malfunction when there is a blackout. Our plumbers only leave when we confirm everything is in good shape. Here are some reasons why you should schedule annual inspections for your sump pump.


Like any system in your home, your sump pump requires regular care to work at its best. When we check its functioning and repair any hitches, we enable it to operate efficiently. You will notice this efficiency in its energy consumption and rate of water drainage. A problematic sump pump consumes more energy since it works hard to drain as much water as when fully functional. Therefore, when we address issues like clogging, we help to restore ease of work.

This efficiency also applies to the rate of water dispensation. Our maintenance sessions help the machine pump with enough force to drive huge amounts of water at a time. Therefore, you will not have to worry about flooding your basement or crawl space. With no short cycling, the sump pump will drain the water as soon as it collects in the basin.


Clogs are a menace that can significantly damage your home and your sump pump. Therefore, when we come for a maintenance check in Tucson, we ensure we leave no blockage in the system. We remove any debris in the inlet screen since it is the entry point to the basin. This allows more water to flow from the pipes into the drainage.

We also check the pump for mold. Since the system provides a wet and dark environment suitable for the mold to thrive, it is prudent to schedule regular appointments for its removal. If not handled, mold can quickly spread to the pipes, causing more obstruction. Our plumbers will also inspect the outlet pipes to ensure they have no debris, pests, or mold that may hinder proper water drainage.

Clogs reduce water flow and can cause backflow and flooding, especially when they affect the outlet pipes. They also increase the risk of leaks and pipe bursts, which will consequently cause water damage. Therefore, timely maintenance can help you avoid such risks and give you peace of mind.

Extended Lifespan

Every machine thrives when it gets constant maintenance. Your sump pump will serve you for its entire lifespan if you allow our experts at Cal’s Plumbing to give it the care it deserves. When we fix the minor issues before they worsen, we reduce the chances of a major breakdown. Any significant damage to the sump pump will significantly reduce its efficiency over time. If it happens repeatedly, then you may need to consider replacement.

Therefore, we always advise our Tucson clients to call us when they notice any strange symptoms. Do not go for unprofessional or DIY checks since they may worsen the situation. We recommend only contacting trained plumbers for professional assistance. You can even schedule an early maintenance appointment instead of waiting for the issues to advance.

Some of the signs that tell us when there are sump pump issues include the following:

  • Mold
  • Failure to start
  • Short cycling
  • A noisy sump pump
  • Extra vibration
  • Tripping circuits
  • Mold

Backup Power Sustenance

One of the main things we must check during a maintenance appointment is the power supply. Once we confirm that the machine works well with your home electricity supply, we check its functionality with the backup supply. This comes in handy, especially during storms, since there is a high likelihood of power outages. Therefore, your sump pump must work efficiently with the backup power. We usually run the unit for several minutes to ensure it runs continually without short cycling.

We also confirm that the sump pump’s backup battery is in good condition and will kick in immediately. This system takes over the water drainage when there is no power supply. It usually remains charged as it remains connected to the sump pump. Therefore, if you have no generator and there is a blackout, it keeps the unit working for a while. This way, you can enjoy peace of mind whether you have a blackout or not.

Cost Reduction

To sum it all up, sump pump maintenance is an effective tactic for cost reduction. Firstly, it reduces the instances of significant unit damage that necessitate expensive repairs. The appointment will cost you significantly less than a repair session, especially when there is extensive damage. While it is possible to ignore the maintenance when the machine seems to work perfectly, it is not advisable to do so.

Secondly, you allow the unit to work at its best for its entire lifespan, thus reducing the need for an early replacement. Since a sump pump is an investment, you should ensure it gives you its maximum service through regular maintenance. You will also save significantly on energy bills. A malfunctioning unit consumes more energy to achieve its usual capacity. Therefore, you will enjoy reduced payments and energy efficiency around the home instead of skyrocketing bills.

Contact the Experts

At Cal’s Plumbing, we prioritize our client’s safety and peace of mind. Therefore, we give our best in each appointment and walk with you during other plumbing situations. Our family-run business has highly experienced plumbers with the best equipment and training to ensure all our services are above the standards. We offer comprehensive customer service to each customer, guaranteeing excellence and 100% satisfaction.

When you choose Cal’s Plumbing, you will receive exceptional help with all your sump pump and plumbing needs. We also provide drain, water heater, and water treatment services. Reach out to Cal’s Plumbing in Tucson today to schedule an appointment.

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