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Marana, Arizona, in Pima county, is 22 miles NW of Tucson, Arizona. The town is considered part of the Tucson metropolitan area.

Cal’s Plumbing Inc. proudly serves all of our valued customers throughout Marana, AZ and the surrounding areas. From minor repairs, maintenance programs, major installations, emergency services, and everything in between we will be there for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

There is no job too big or too small. Our number one priority is your complete satisfaction on every service we perform. We want to establish each and every one of you as lifetime customers. To see what your neighbors are saying about our unrivaled services, click here.

  What are the services for emergency plumbing?

No one wants to be faced with an overflowing sink, a sewage backup, or a gas line leak, especially after hours. What do you do, who can you turn to when you are faced with an emergency that is out of your control?

That is what Cal’s Plumbing is here for, we will be there no matter what time you need us, day or night, weekends or holidays, because we believe in keeping you, your property, and your loved ones safe.

How can water treatments help my health?

Is your Marana water filled with minerals and causing your skin and hair to dry out? Does your home’s supply taste funny? Perhaps you have noticed an un-explained string of health issues within your household? Contaminated water can hold all different types of harmful and invisible particles. This is why a water filtration system installed by the experts at Cal’s Plumbing is a necessity inside every property.

What are the benefits of repiping?

When a section or an an entire system of piping is on its way out the only way to prevent an inevitable catastrophe is to have your plumbing re-piped. Unforeseen weather conditions, construction jobs that have gone awry, age, corrosion, and even infiltrating tree roots in search of a readily available water supply can all require repiping services.

It is up to the knowledgeable professionals at Cal’s Plumbing to assess the situation and determine whether only a section of your line needs to be replaced or you are in need of a whole-house repipe.


Expert Residential and Commercial Drain Cleaning Services. When will you need professional drain cleaning?

Professional drain cleaning is a fantastic way to keep your pipes healthy and your drains from clogging. It is a good idea to have them regularly cleaned as a preventative measure, but it also solves many common problems that homeowners have with their pipes.

For example, recurring clogs, standing water, and sewer odors are all indicative of a larger problem. These cannot be solved by dumping grocery store chemicals down the drain; professionals have access to more powerful chemicals and a wider variety of cleaning methods that are also safer on your drains. For instance, hydro jetting is a popular method among plumbers that uses high-volume water to push debris completely out of a piping system.

At Cal’s Plumbing, we help homeowners overcome their sewer and drain issues with a series of comprehensive, safe and efficient drain cleaning services. Whether you are interested in preventative maintenance or you need help dealing with a stubborn or recurring blockage, we are here to help. Give us a call at (520) 622-2257 to schedule your appointment today!