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Do you need a trusted team in Vail, AZ to take care of all your plumbing needs? Call your local experts at Cal’s Plumbing Inc. at 520-622-2257 to schedule an appointment today. Interested in saving on your next service? Check out our exclusive online coupons and specials before you call.

 Plumbing Repair, Maintenance & Installation

Cal’s Plumbing Inc. is a full service plumbing company serving Vail, AZ and the Greater Pima County Area with unsurpassed professionalism and customer service for over 60 years. Our company is the your number one plumbing choice because, when you call for a technician from Cal’s Plumbing, your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Cal’s Plumbing Inc, serves all residential and commercial home services needs. All of our employees are prescreened to assure top quality service ability and knowledge, as well as background checked and drug tested so you can have peace of mind inviting our expert plumbing technicians into your home.

Our mission at Cal’s Plumbing Inc. is to provide the best possible service, from your first call for help to the completion of the project. We offer same day service, unbeatable warranties, emergency service, up front pricing, service agreements, and a personal touch.

Expert Residential and Commercial Drain Cleaning Services

Finding an experienced professional to provide safe and reliable residential drain cleaning is easy when you call Cal’s Plumbing. To speak with one of our sewer and drain specialists, call (520) 622-2257 today!

Drain Cleaning & Repair

Keeping the drains in your home clear and spotless is vital to preventing serious plumbing problems such as burst pipes, overflowing sinks and toilets, and foul odors from permeating your home. The easiest and most effective way to prevent problems and ensure your drains are running smoothly is with professional residential or commercial drain cleaning.

At Cal’s Plumbing, we help homeowners and businesses overcome their sewer and drain issues with a series of comprehensive, safe and efficient drain cleaning services. Whether you are interested in preventative maintenance or you need help dealing with a stubborn or recurring blockage, we are here to help. Give us a call at (520) 622-2257 to schedule your appointment today!

Water Heaters Repair and Installations

Vail, AZ Water Heater Repair & Installation Services
There’s nothing better than a long, hot bath after a long, tiring day! We don’t give much thought to our water heater until it goes out, right? We just count on hot water being ready and waiting when we need it. So how do you know which water heater is right for you? You have a lot to consider when selecting a new hot water heater for your home. Basically, you should choose a system that will not only provide enough hot water for your entire family’s needs, but also one that will be energy efficient.

Water Heater Maintenance & Repair

Which Water Heater is Right For You?

The Cal’s Plumbing experts specialize in any and all water heater repair or maintenance.
At Cal’s Plumbing Plumbing we don’t just install new water heaters, we will help you decide what type and size is best for your home and family needs. We’re all familiar with the conventional storage water heater, but did you know there are actually many other types of systems available to you. Take a look…

  • Conventional Storage Water Heaters – these heaters, which come in many sizes, store hot water in a large tank, offering hot water when you need it
  • Demand (Tankless or Instantaneous) Water Heaters – these wall-mounted units heat water directly without the storage tank; there are compact and energy efficient
  • Heat Pump Water Heaters – these move heat from one place to another instead of generating heat directly for providing hot water