Tank Water Heater Maintenance

Did you know you should be maintaining your water heater on an annual basis?

Cal's Plumbing can perform regularly scheduled maintenance on your water heater, such as replacing the anode rod and flushing the tank. Due to the water quality throughout Tucson, we recommend you flush your tank every six months and replace the anode rod annually.

Why Should You Get a Water Heater Maintenance Tune-Up in Arizona?

You want to ensure your water heater is at 100% with all the hot water you need. That's why it's crucial to have your water heater maintenance with an annual tune-up. A hot water heater maintenance tune-up has three primary benefits:

Increased Water Heater Efficiency & Money Saved

One of the most common issues to occur in your water heater is the buildup of sediment from loose minerals in our Southern Arizona water supply. The more sediment buildup, the less efficient your water heating unit becomes. Banging or knocking is usually an  indication of sediment or mineral deposits on the bottom of your water heater & means it's time to call the experts at Cal's Plumbing to get your annual water heater maintenance.

Minimize the Risk of Water Heater Breakdown

By having your water heater maintained yearly, you decrease the risk of a costly water heater repair or replacement. Our Cal's Plumbing water heater experts will tune-up your water heater but also check for any additional signs of corrosion, water leaking, or anything that may be keeping your water heater from performing at 100%.

Ensure Hot Water All Year Long

There's nothing worse than waking up to cold water running through your plumbing. Ensure it doesn't happen to your Tucson, AZ water heater by getting your annual maintenance tune-up scheduled today with the experts at Cal's Plumbing.

No matter the season, our local Arizona water heater maintenance & tune-up plumbers will ensure your water heater is 100% functional & ready for your hot water needs. You can expect our experts to notify you of any repair needs before any work is done so you know exactly what solution is best for your homes' water heater unit if recommended.

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Extend the Life of Your Water Heater

One way to help prevent unexpected costly repairs is to maintain your water heater on a regular basis professionally. Routine professional maintenance can also help extend your water heater's life span.

By flushing your water heater every six months or so, you can add to the life of your water heater. And arguably, one of the best things you can to extend your water heater's life is to change the anode (sacrifice) rod each year. But be careful. This is much better done by one of our Cal's Plumbing professionals. Getting your old anode rod out of the heater is not as easy as you may think.